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Robert R. Barron, former Senior CIA Disguise Specialist,
committed to restoring identities through prosthetic devices.

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July 12, 2022

The Washingtonian Magazine has written an article on Robert Barron making an ear prosthesis for 10 year old patient Aubree Cooper. The Title of the article is "A Former CIA Disguise Expert Helps Disfigured People Regain Their Lives". Below is the link to the article:

April 15, 2021

Robert Barron recently received the Central Intelligence Retirees Association's (CIRA) prestigious Lloyd D. Salvetti Award. The criteria for the award are: Conspicuous excellence as an Agency professional; Commitment to CIRA, it’s mission to excellence, growth, and its members; Commitment to reinforcing in Agency officers and educating the public on what it means to be an intelligence officer. Robert made amazing contributions to the success of many Agency operations. He enjoyed the challenges of making effective disguises that could pass close scrutiny and distract attention away from officers so they could successfully complete their operational tasks. His second career following his retirement from the Agency was dictated by his recognition of the fact that persons disfigured by cancer or accidents often suffered from a serious reduction in their quality of life. He embarked on a successful path to give back a disfigured person’s identity by designing facial prosthetics. Robert has stated that each day is a gift but tomorrow is not a given, he intends to keep giving until there's no tomorrow. It is noteworthy that CIRA has granted only one other Lloyd D. Salvetti Award.

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November 26, 2019

Robert Barron and ear patient Calliope Foreman appeared on "Inside Edition" title of episode was "5-Year-Old Girl Gets New Ear After Being Born With Rare Condition".

February 20, 2019

Robert Barron and patient Laura Schild appeared on "Botched" On E! Network. Show is titled "Breast Lumps and Empty Noses".

Renowned plastic surgeons Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow, have asked Prosthetic Specialist Robert Barron to assistant in helping the patient.

January 11, 2019

Robert Barron and burn survivor patient Samantha Diaz appeared on "Primer Impacto", which aired on Univision. The segment's title is "Impacto Positivo'.

In December 2012, at age 14, Samantha was in a car that crashed in northwest Miami-Dade County in Florida. The car crashed into a tree and caught fire, burning her face and body.

Ms.Diaz lost an eye, ear and her nose. Robert Barron preformed a miracle, Samantha received and eye prosthesis, an ear prosthesis and a nose prosthesis.

November 19, 2018

Robert Barron and burn survivor patient Samantha Diaz appeared on ABC Local 10 News in Miami, Florida. It was titled "Face of Courage: CIA-Inspired Prosthetics Help Burn Victim Blend In".

In December 2012, at age 14, Samantha was in a car that crashed in northwest Miami-Dade County. The car crashed into a tree and caught fire, burning her face and body.

Ms.Diaz lost an eye, ear and her nose. Robert Barron preformed a miracle, Samantha received and eye prosthesis, an ear prosthesis and a nose prosthesis.

Below is the link below:

March 26, 2018

Voted Best Medical Specialist in Loudoun!

March 26, 2018

Best of Loudoun 2018

I would like to thank everyone for voting in the Loudoun Times-Mirror 2018 "Best of Loudoun" with your votes I won "Best Medical Specialist In Loudoun".

Below is the link to the county paper and you will find my business ad on page 6:

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May 6, 2017

Courageous Faces Foundation SuperHeros Gala Awards

Robert Barron and ear patient John Quinn attended The Courageous Faces Foundation SuperHeros Gala. Robert Barron received the "World Humanitarian Award" and patient John Quinn received the "Courageous Spirit Award".

May 2, 2017

Courageous Faces Foundation Gala

The Courageous Faces Foundation is excited to announce its Denver SuperHeroes Gala to be held on Saturday, May 6, 2017 at 6PM. We invite you to join us as we work towards improving the quality of life for individuals with rare or extremely visible medical conditions or differences due to genetics, illness or traumatic injuries.

The Courageous Faces Foundation promotes awareness by educating the public and changing perceptions worldwide; showing that everyone, regardless of their medical condition, is a person first. More than 500+ attendees, supporters, leaders and influential Denver residents will join together as SuperHeroes to help these incredible individuals. Your generous gifts will enable us to fulfill our mission. Guests will enjoy a sit-down dinner, dancing, and a special performance by the World Classic Rockers. The World Classic Rockers are the former original members & music icons from: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Boston, Journey, Santana, Steppenwolf.

January 2, 2017

How to Avoid Lengthy Additional Surgery to Reconstruct Your Nipples

After cancer, a preventative mastectomy, a tumor, or an injury resulting in one or both breasts being removed, many women choose to have reconstructive surgery once they have recovered. However, having a breast and/or nipple reconstructed adds additional lengthy and uncomfortable procedures on top of what's already been experienced. Fortunately, there's a simple way to avoid the additional trauma.

Order a Custom Prosthetic

At Custom Prosthetic Designs, Inc., nipple replacement involves crafting an individually designed prosthetic that will perfectly accentuate your skin tone, breast size, and shape. This easy-to-wear device is far more affordable than additional surgeries.

Wear as You Please

While our prosthetics are comfortable, they're also removable, allowing you to feel free to wear them when you wish. Some women choose to wear them consistently in order to feel confidence when they look in the mirror. Others prefer to wear them when wearing more revealing clothing. Adderall link link link

Call Custom Prosthetic Designs, Inc. today to discuss your nipple replacement options. Robert Barron, has decades of experience crafting lifelike prosthetics and will be happy to show you how custom prosthetics can benefit you more so than having to go through reconstructive surgery.

December 19, 2016

Restore Confidence with a Nipple Replacement Prosthetic

For many women, it can be difficult to come to terms with their physical appearance after a mastectomy or other surgery that resulted in the loss of the areola nipple. Fortunately, our team at Custom Prosthetic Designs, Inc. is able to craft an exceptional prosthetic areola nipple replacement to help regain the confidence you once had.

A confidence boost is one of the main reasons why many women opt for a nipple areola replacement, whether through surgery or prosthetics. Unfortunately, surgery can leave unsatisfactory results. A prosthetic device has the potential to help a woman feel confident and beautiful without the need for an invasive procedure.

A prosthetic areola nipple helps to restore symmetry to the breast and naturally draws the eye away from any scarring. Tattooing will not give you realistic anatomy. Surgery is traumatizing enough without leaving a constant reminder every time someone looks in a mirror which is why choosing a prosthetic is more appealing.

Contact Custom Prosthetic Designs, Inc. today to learn more about our prosthetic services and to schedule a consultation today!

December 5, 2016

Why Getting a Prosthetic Ear for Your Child Will Benefit Them

As the parent of a child with microtia, you may be considering a prosthesis to help your child feel confident again. Through the services provided by Custom Prosthetic Designs, Inc. there are compelling reasons to get your child fitted for a prosthetic ear without the need for invasive reconstructive surgery.

It's Removable

A prosthetic ear can be a form of microtia treatment that’s not permanent and won’t leave permanent scarring. It gives the option for your child to remove the prosthesis at home or anywhere they feel safe and comfortable.

More Confidence

With the natural look of a prosthetic ear, your child will regain their confidence to feel like themselves again. Young girls will be more comfortable with things like experimenting with hair styles, rather than feeling too self-conscious.

Contact prosthetic specialist Robert Barron today for your child’s first fitting. Prosthetics are confidence boosters and no one benefits more from that than a child subject to low self-esteem and teasing. In time, your child will grow to become more comfortable and will enjoy all the benefits of wearing a custom prosthetic ear.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions about Prosthetic Ears

Our ears can become damaged and deformed from variety of circumstances, such as an accident, burns, microtia, or basal cell carcinoma. A prosthetic ear can return normal functionality to one's ear and also offers you the satisfaction of realism.

Whether you're interested in our prosthetic services or are looking for information about them, we've listed some basic frequently asked questions about prosthetic ears. tramadol

What is microtia? Microtia is a term for all congenital deformities of the external ear. It occurs when the ear does not develop properly and appearance can range from a smaller ear to almost no ear at all. A realistic prosthetic ear is designed to blend in with the microtia. It avoids unwanted attention. Teasing by other kids about “The Little Ear” is no longer an issue.

Is a prosthetic ear necessary after reconstructive surgery? Ear reconstructive surgery as a form of microtia treatment does not achieve a realistic appearance, even after many painful operations. The size, shape, and color fall short of expectations.

How is the ear attached? Our prosthetic ears can be attached with a medical grade adhesive or by surgically implanted magnets or Osseointegrated ear implants.

Does a prosthetic ear help a person's hearing? Yes it does. The prosthetic ear will help direct sound waves into the auditory canal, which increases hearing approximately 20%.

What are the advantages of a prosthetic ear? The prosthetic ear restores realism. It also serves as a great psychological benefit in a patient's mental, physical, and social well-being.

Can you wear the ear to bed? No, the prosthetic ear that is held in place with the medical grade adhesive has to be taken off before bedtime to allow the sensitive skin tissue time to breathe.

How long with the ear last? For an adult, the prosthetic ear usually lasts anywhere from 5 to 7 years. For a child 5 years old or over, they will grow out of the ear within 2 to 3 years. It will have to be replaced when this happens.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Facts About Our Prosthetics

Most people think of a limb or part of a limb when they hear the word “prosthetics”, but there are many other parts of the body that can regain their functionality with a custom prosthesis. Whether the patient has suffered a disease, injury, burn, or congenital defect, adult and child prosthetics from Custom Prosthesis Designs, Inc. can help boost anyone's self-confidence and allow them to enjoy life once again. The facial prosthetic device restores an absent or malformed part of the face through artificial means.

Types of Prosthetics we Offer

At Custom Prosthetics Designs, Inc., we offer a variety of prosthetic devices suitable for patients who have undergone ear reconstructive surgery and are unsatisfied with the results. Our prosthetic devices also benefit those who have experienced microtia, damaging 3rd degree burns, and various forms of cancer. Below are just some of the prosthetic types available through us and the benefits they can provide for our patients. xanax

Ears: An ear prosthesis can improve hearing by directing sound waves into the auditory canal. It also helps retain eyeglasses and a hearing aid if necessary.

Nose: A prosthetic nose protects sensitive mucous membranes from the elements, prevents the nasal cavity and sinuses from drying out, and restores resonance.

Finger: Prosthetic fingers protect the sensitive amputated tip from trauma and extreme cold temperatures. It also allows a patient to use a computer keyboard and other activities such as playing the piano.

Face: A partial facial prosthesis will not only protect the damaged face, but it will also return a normal look to the patient's face, providing improved quality of life for the wearer.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Facial Prosthesis Overview

Facial prosthetics can encompass a whole variety of different prosthetic devices, from a mid-face prosthesis to prosthetic eyes. A person may be missing a part of their face due to cancer, trauma, or a congenital birth anomaly and may not feel confident in many social situations. A facial prosthetic is a perfect way for an individual to regain control of their life and once again interact with others on a day to day basis and return to society as a functioning, contributing member.

The facial prosthesis is meant to replace a missing or malformed part of the face. At Custom Prosthetic Designs, Inc. we'll be sure to create the most realistic prosthetic to fit every patient's needs. Our facial prosthetics can include eyebrows, beard and/or moustache when needed. These prosthetics can be attached either by an adhesive or implants, depending on the severity of the deformity and the individual preference of each client.

At Custom Prosthetic Designs Inc., we strive to provide to absolute best prosthetic for each and every patient. With over three decades worth of experience in prosthetic devices, our company is certain to create a unique, virtually undetected prosthesis no matter what the patient's needs may be. For more information on our services, visit us today at

Monday, October 10, 2016

Emotional Benefits of a Breast Prosthesis

The emotional and physical scars that breast cancer leaves behind can affect survivors for the rest of their lives. The stress and changes associated with the cancer, chemo therapy, and a mastectomy has caused many women to lose confidence in their physical appearance. Custom Prosthetic Designs, Inc. can create a custom-made prosthetic areola and nipple to help women once again feel confident with their bodies.

Many women may not feel comfortable going through yet another surgical procedure after a mastectomy. A prosthetic nipple can help a woman regain a sense of normalcy in her everyday life. Prosthetics are also a great option for women who are unhappy with the results after receiving reconstructive surgery. Custom Prosthetic Designs, Inc. will help you get the perfect and most realistic fit to your body, providing symmetry and peace of mind where surgery or tattoos do not.

Custom Prosthetic Designs, Inc. is committed to helping women restore their identities through custom made prosthetics. No longer will a woman feel embarrassed or ashamed of her body after receiving a mastectomy or other procedures. For more information about all of our prosthetic services, contact us today at

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Play the Piano Again with a Fingertip Prosthetic

As a piano player, a missing finger or fingertip can be one of the worst things that could happen to your hobby or career. It is still possible to continue playing through the use of a prosthetic fingertip. A finger prosthetic that is custom designed can be a fantastic way to not only regain your playing skills, but to achieve a sense of normalcy in your life once again.

A prosthetic finger replaces the amputated area which gives you the extension needed when using a computer or playing the piano. The realism also serves as a great psychological benefit in the patient’s mental, physical, and social well-being.

The most important thing is to never lose hope or give up on a hobby you love. With the help of a fingertip prosthetic from Custom Prosthetic Designs, Inc., you’ll be well on your way to playing music again.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Robert Barron's television appearance on E! Network Aired September 7, 2016

For those who were not able to watch “Botched By Nature” and “Botched Post Op” on E! Network.

A prosthetic finger replaces the amputated area which gives you the extension needed when using a computer or playing the piano. The realism also serves as a great psychological benefit in the patient’s mental, physical, and social well-being.

Here is the link:

Robert Barron and patient Charlie Clark appeared on “Botched By Nature” and “Botched Post Op”. On E! Network. The episodes aired on September 7, 2016.

To learn more about E! network you may visit their website at

Monday, September 12, 2016

The Risks of Ear Reconstructive Surgery

Though many people turn to ear reconstructive surgery as a solution for microtia, atresia, and more, there are many risks associated with the process. First and foremost, surgery is non-reversible and the patient may be stuck with a less than satisfactory job. Though reconstructive surgery may seem like the most reliable solution to a birth defect, surgery can come with a variety of different complications.

  • Infection: As with any surgery, there’s always the risk of infection during the healing process. An infection in or around your ear can have a large amount of unwanted side effects, including loss of hearing.
  • Extrusion of Inserts: Receiving surgery to correct deformities on your ear could lead to important parts of your inner ear being exposed, such as the rib cartilage or medpor. Not only can this reduce confidence in physical appearance, but it also leaves the exposed parts more susceptible to future damage.
  • Pain and Scarring: A surgical procedure is often painful during recovery and sometimes even long after your ear has healed. Unsightly scaring or even the complete removal of the outer ear may leave patients feeling defeated and self-conscious.

At Custom Prosthetic Designs, Inc. we provide a non-invasive alternative to ear reconstructive surgery. Through our prosthetic services we’ll provide patients with custom realistic prosthetics to bring normalcy back to their lives without the need to go under the knife. For more information about our services, visit today.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Robert Barron's television appearance on E! Network

Hi Everyone:

Set your DVR or recorders. We have great news to share with you.

Robert Barron and patient Charlie Clark will be appearing on "Botched By Nature" and "Botched Post Op". On E! Network. The episodes will air on September 7, 2016.

Please note that this is two separate shows that will air at different times. "Botched By Nature" will air at 9:00 p.m. eastern standard time and "Botched Post Op" will air at 10:00 p.m. eastern standard time. Please check your local listing for time and channel.

Do not be confused you will need to watch "Botched by Nature" first followed by "Botched Post Op".

To learn more about E! network you may visit their website at

Have a wonderful day.

Custom Prosthetic Designs, Inc.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

How a Prosthetic Finger Can Change Your Life

A prosthesis is intended to enable an individual to perform daily activities that have become limited due to a loss of limb or extremity. Custom Prosthetic Designs, Inc. develops high quality silicone prosthetics specifically for these uses. Silicone prosthetics have many benefits to them, including:

  • A secure hold so you’ll never have to worry about losing your prosthetic
  • Extraordinary comfort and skin tolerance
  • Able to be molded to the anatomically correct shape
  • Realistic aesthetic appearance

The prosthesis is customized to fit a patient’s specific needs. The perfect fit of our finger prosthesis is held in place by suction. This allows for precise movement and freedom to once again be achieved.

A silicone prosthetic finger can make all the difference, just by appearance! No longer will a patient feel insecure or stressed due to the ever-present thoughts revolving around their missing extremity. By being fitted with a prosthetic finger, a person can focus on the people and activities before them rather than honing in on the attention your missing finger may bring.

If you’re in need of a custom fitted prosthesis, contact Custom Prosthetic Designs, Inc. today at or call 703-723-4668.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Welcome to the Blog

At, we provide prosthetic alternatives to reconstructive surgery in order to help individuals compensate for a variety of physical deformities. Through high quality prosthetics developed by former CIA Master of Disguise, Robert Barron, we’ve committed ourselves to bringing confidence back into the lives of those in need of our services. Our company, Custom Prosthetic Designs, Inc. offers everything from finger prosthetics to a variety of facial prosthesis for adults and children of any age.

The purpose of this blog is to bring more insight into the work that we do and why we do it. We’ll provide even more detail on the prosthetics we create as well as information on the various afflictions that require patients who need them in the first place.

Major surgery can be both physically, mentally, and financially taxing on many individuals and Custom Prosthetic Designs, Inc. strives to provide an affordable, non-invasive alternative to helping individuals regain confidence through a virtually undetectable prosthesis. We’ll work with each patient to ensure they receive the most personalized, realistic, and functional prosthetics to achieve each patient’s hopes and expectations of the product.

For more information on our products or services, visit our website at or contact us at 703-723-4668.